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Timbeter, the new app for wood measurements

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Timbeter, the new App for measuring wood volume.

The volume measurement of wood on the field has always been approximated and handmade process and either it was given by the professional’s skill and experience or it was a long and rather tedious process because it must to be done for each of the logs the pile, using different formulas and making tis process quite complicated. So either we had an approximate measure of the total volume or we lost too much time in this process or efficiency decreases and production costs greatly increase.
In order to provide a solution to this problem, Timbeter a company based in Estonia has developed Timbeter App a mobile application capable of making these measurements quickly, accurately and simply. The process is very simple and it consist on just take a picture with our smartphone to the pile of logs or the loaded truck or container with them. The system recognizes the diameters of each trunk and calculetes the diameter of each of them, thus calculating the total volume of wood. In addition,the App is able to geotag where the photograph has been taken and to generate a small report of the measures, number of logs, total volumen and place that we can incorporate to our daily work or send to the final destination point of the load to have a good control of the track and tranport chain and giving a better service to our customers.
The maximum accuracy error with of the App is 1.5% which gives us an idea of ​​the power of this tool and, as for the estimated saving of measurement time, is approximately 90% on the methods traditional, which means a big saving that will influence benefit costs and the improvement of the logistics chain.
The App is available in 7 languages ​​and it has two prices categories.Timbeter offers picture-based packages and monthly subscription with unlimited measurements starting from 125 EUR. And for private-forest owners who utilize solution couple of times per year, they offer picture-based packages (starting from 2 EUR per picture)
From Forest World Magazine we recommend contacting the Company to advise us on the modules that best fit our needs.
We consider that it is a very useful tool for our work and that we could incluide it in the set of Apps of our smartphone although we consider expensive the more complete version if we are not going to use of all their resources.


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